Finding Strength in Diversity

GGICO’s vast achievement has been underpinned by a solid foundation of inspirational leadership, strategic vision and a strong work ethic. As each new goal is surpassed, the company moves forward with ambition.

GGICO’s continued growth stems from a belief in the power of diversity to drive the company forward.
Diversity is evident at all levels of the business; in its strategy, its operations and in the arrangement of its human assets.

GGICO’s commitment to being a multi-faceted corporation sees the Group today as an all-encompassing network of investment companies in the Middle East. From building and maintaining an eclectic profile, investing in new and varied sectors, driving expansion through backward integration and acquiring small, high-growth potential companies; diversity has always been the key to the Group’s success. It is visible in every segment, department and division.

Diversity is a belief that is echoed in the cultural ethos of the company and is the very cornerstone of GGICO’s development.