In the words of our chairman

“The United Arab Emirates continues to be a beacon of progress and prosperity, proving to the world what can be achieved with a strategic vision, boundless enthusiasm and irrepressible determination. This inspirational and uncompromising approach has transformed the nation into one of the most attractive business destinations in the world, creating a wealth of opportunities for organisations to play their part in accelerating growth at an unprecedented rate.

Opportunities that GGICO has capitalised on to become one of the foremost independent family business groups and a leading corporate presence worldwide.

Our rich history is woven with accomplishments, and GGICO will continue to drive this legacy forward by setting new standards of achievement and staying true to its collective vision. One that has been supported by the visionary leaders of the UAE and a network of partnerships that continue to drive the GGICO name forward by upholding our standards in every endeavour.

We invite you to share in our success, and a commitment to delivering excellence.”

Abdalla Juma Al Sari